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    Branded Email Notifications: Your Brand Deserves Special Attention

    What are branded email notifications?  Branded email notifications are just one of the valuable features that can be utilised by our clients via myInline. These notifications are a low cost, high impact method of effectively communicating with your customers, strengthening customer loyalty and enhancing customer experience. These read more

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    Thinking about what you can outsource?

    Every single business, large or small, has a number of things that may not be part of their core service, but still needs to be done. These tasks often span across a variety of skills such as technical or creative. Sometimes they require additional or specialist space or read more

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    Our Brand Refresh

    We’ve got a new Spring in our step Springtime, a time of growth, renewal, new life and new challenges so it’s the perfect time for us to reveal what we have been working on behind the scenes for the past few months – our exciting brand refresh! read more

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    MyInline – just got even better!

    What is myInline? As many of our existing clients already know, myInline is your very own personal portal, providing you with complete insight, control and management of your stock in just a few simple clicks. This week we are pleased to announce that we have launched a read more

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    Your package hasn’t arrived? Here’s what to do

    DON’T PANIC! It’s our business to make sure that your packages reach their destination on time – you are in safe hands. You have myInline Our portal myInline has been specifically designed so that you can easily access vital information anywhere at any time. It’s simple to read more

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    Inline and Inclusive #MatterOfPride

    This month at Inline we are joining others around the world in celebrating pride month. Whilst so much has been achieved already to embrace diversity and inclusion, there is still a long way to go and we are extremely proud to be playing a small part in read more

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    5 Reasons to outsource your distribution

    It’s fast, cost effective and reliable too. So, who wouldn’t? Outsourcing takes the full distribution process off of your hands, providing your business with a trustworthy and all-inclusive service that covers everything from consultancy, print production, coordination and distribution. If you are still unsure, here are just read more

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    Inline’s TOP Trade Secrets

    Exhibitions play a vital role in a company’s Marketing strategy and should never be underestimated. The opportunity to meet potential business partners is priceless and a proven way to attract new leads and build relationships too. The added value that face to face experience gives, builds trust read more

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    Translating Success

    Content is still King and therefore language should never be a barrier to success. That’s why at Inline, we never underestimate the power of language and the value of accurate native translation. The international education industry is more global today than it has ever been before. The read more

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    Introducing Inline India

    We are always reaching out for new opportunities and strengthening our commitment to providing cost effective print solutions to our clients all over the world. By listening to our client’s feedback and closely following the recruitment and marketing activities within the international education industry, we are proud read more

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