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    Quality products and timely deliveries are both essential elements to a first class customer experience. However, if you are looking to offer the BEST customer experience ever then it shouldn’t stop there.

    Customer expectations in terms of speed and quality are constantly rising, and their experience and perception of your service will continue long after they have received the actual product itself.

    Customers will be asking….

    • Was the order accurate?
    • Did it arrive on time and within the timescale required?
    • Was it suitably packaged?
    • Was it safe and undamaged?
    • Would they want to repeat the order?

    Not only will they be asking themselves these questions and more, but they will also be discussing the experience with others. This “word of mouth” process can be an amazing promotional tool if the above answers are all yes. However, if you have not been able to tick all of the boxes then this can not only lead to unsatisfied customers but a damaged reputation too.

    Working with a trusted fulfilment partner can eliminate delivery issues and support your business at every stage, securing competitive advantage and exceeding customers’ expectations.

    At Inline, we work with businesses of all sizes and are committed to always go beyond to bring you a service that is designed to deliver. This means that your customer experience will always extend beyond the point of delivery.

    Working with Inline gives you:

    • Quick and low-cost delivery solutions

    Customers’ expectations for quick and reliable shipping options are constantly rising and this puts increasing pressure on retailers and e-commerce businesses to meet their customers’ demands. Inline take away the hassle of shipping by offering competitive rates and quick delivery options that you can rely on. We offer a range of cost effective solutions including UK next day and from three working days for International deliveries. Faster, low-cost shipping secures more repeat customers for our clients without damaging their profits.

    • Access to a bespoke system, keeping you in control

    MyInline, our cloud based fulfilment software which gives real time insight, control and management of your stock in just a few simple clicks. It saves you time, money and stress and means that you have an accurate account of your stock at all times. We are constantly investing in our systems too, so you can rest assured that they are reliable, user friendly and tailored to your requirements.

    • Up to date advice on documentation

    We are experts in global logistics and will always be ready to provide valuable advice. We will ensure that you avoid costly mistakes that can occur due to complications with customs paperwork, queries over shipping regulations and all aspects of country specific official documentation. We will also provide support and advice about what to do if your package has not arrived. Delays caused by poor documentation will leave a lasting impression on your customers even if your product is perfect when it eventually arrives. We provide clear and up to date advice, with Inline your delivery is in safe hands.

    • The ability to successfully manage fluctuations in demand

    Don’t leave your customers frustrated because items are out of stock, or because you can’t meet the increase in demands. Inline offer services that are tailored to you and which will adapt to changes in demand meaning that you are able to fulfil orders at all times. You will also enjoy cost savings and protect your reputation whilst extending that vital customer experience beyond just another delivery.

    • Peace of mind that your items will arrive in perfect condition

    Every single item is picked and packed with accuracy, care and attention to detail. So that the moment your customer receives the product, it is already a great experience. Our packaging is tailored specifically to each item, each destination and each client’s individual needs. It will keep your product safe, secure and impress your customers before they even see it what’s inside.

    Customer experience never ends at delivery. It’s about the entire process, every single step counts and leaves a lasting impression – good or bad.

    We care about every business that we work with and understand that every detail matters. That is why our core values and purpose all stem from making the most of every possible opportunity. We save our clients time, money and give them full control so that they exceed their customer’s expectations with first class service and support. The case studies on our website showcase a selection of the fantastic results that we are proud to have achieved with our partners over the years.

    At Inline we have decades of experience in logistics and understand the changes in customer expectations. We have the systems and knowledge to anticipate changes in demand and can therefore keep our clients one step ahead of the competition. We offer a one stop shop solution that adds real value to businesses and offers support every step of the way. We always provide customer satisfaction that goes beyond the door step.

    Outstanding customer experience can give you real competitive advantage.

    Don’t risk your reputation and Brand working with a partner who doesn’t deliver, join the Inline team today +44 (0)20 7231 8000 [email protected]



    February 26, 2021 by Carly Moncrieff Categories: Industry insights


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