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    Our flexible storage and distribution services solved the logistic problems caused by Brexit and created opportunities to expand their growing business.

    The Challenge

    The Symbiotic Chair has been specifically designed for active sitting and a healthier workplace. It is often difficult to keep active and maintain good posture when you are sitting for long periods of time; however if you sit better, you work better and the Symbiotic ergonomic chair helps to activate your core, burn calories and improve your posture.

    The business developed rapidly however new custom charges were introduced post Brexit that meant they could no longer deliver EU manufactured products directly to their UK individual customers’ addresses who had purchased the products from their web shop. As a result they decided to start importing shipments consisting of a number of product units which could be delivered to a warehouse, be safely stored and then delivered to individual UK customers.

    The main issue then was to find a warehouse with enough flexibility to accept a lower frequency of deliveries as these products are of higher value than an average e-commerce business.

    Our Solution

    Whether you are a new start up or an established brand, there is never a wrong time to consider using specialised warehousing and distribution services. As a Inline partner you gain access to our global network of fulfilment warehouses where you can safely and securely store your goods.

    We were immediately able to take the pressure off of Symbiotic Active Sitting and offer them the flexible business solutions that they needed giving them peace of mind that their growing brand was in safe hands.

    Their stock was soon safely stored in our secure warehouse where it could be accurately tracked and cost effectively shipped directly to their customers. We were able to accommodate the lower frequency of deliveries and offer immediate flexibility due to fluctuations in demand. Our cloud based fulfilment software MyInline gave them real time insight of stock levels so they remained in control at all times, giving them back precious time to concentrate on future business plans and developments.


    “Working with Inline is a very positive experience and a pure pleasure, not only in terms of peace of mind as we now know that our shipments will be received, stocked and efficiently delivered to our individual customers but also because the team are extremely helpful supporting our operation throughout the whole process. Brexit turned our logistic into a difficult problem which has been solved with the help of Inline effectively.

    We now have a reliable partner who is always there to help and is very flexible in their approach. Although we hadn’t been working with a fulfilment centre before, it would be hard to imagine a better service than the one provided by the Inline team”

    Matija Curic – Director

    The Result

    Inline were able to quickly solve the logistics problem that Brexit had created . They were then able to import shipments of their products into the UK have them safely stored, accurately recorded and delivered with no hassle to their individual customers.

    A solution which was not only time saving but also extremely cost effective. It has also allowed the business to concentrate their time and resources on core elements of the business without having to deal with the stresses of logistics.


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