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    Nooki Design

    Becoming an Inline partner enabled Nooki Design to effectively scale their business by optimising their logistics, providing expert support and delivering a first-class customer experience.

    The Challenge

    Nooki Design started in 2011 after the founders struggled to find the kind of cool and quirky accessories that they wanted to use. They had over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and valuable connections, this put them in the perfect position to create the Nooki brand.

    Once they had established the brand, their number of stockists grew as did their wholesale connections and online platforms. It was time to outsource their logistics but the initial attempts were not plain sailing for them and finding the right partner was a challenge. The first partnership they forged were unable to cope with the details that were required for their products. Due to the fact that they were successfully selling on so many different platforms and because they had a large number of SKUS there was a lot of detail and their logistics partner was unable to manage this. It was proving to be an extremely costly exercise for Nooki.

    It was clear that they needed to look elsewhere so that they could reduce their costs and free up some valuable time and retail space too which would enable them to focus on the business.

    Our Solution

    When you are growing your business, it is vital that time and resources are used efficiently. If you find that too much space, time and money are wasted on logistics then outsourcing is the perfect solution.

    Although Nooki Design found getting the right partner difficult, as soon as they approached us at Inline we were able to hit the ground running. After initial conversations, Ricci their account manager provided a very clear proposal so that they understood exactly what costs would be incurred and a whole host of benefits too. Having had a bad experience previously they knew from the start that there would be no nasty surprises here.

    Our online portal gave them accurate and real time insight which provided the resources they needed to plan for the future and nurture the business. Our warehouse team were also able to follow up on any concerns that arose and resolve any issues before they became problems.


    “I would highly recommend Inline to any small brand looking to expand and requiring assistance. The prices are competitive, the team are very efficient and willing to work with you to resolve issues quickly. Above everything though, the team are hardworking and want to grow their business by extending ours which is demonstrated in their diligence and service every day.”

    Cat Scourfield – Director

    The Result

    Partnering with Inline enabled Nooki Design to free up their time and retail space to concentrate on growing the business. They were able to streamline their processes and increase efficiency. Their customers enjoyed an excellence customer experience and as they were able to monitor their stock levels accurately, they were able to make the most of every opportunity that their flourishing business was presented with.

    They had complete peace of mind that their logistics were in safe hands and that Inline gave them the space and expert support that they needed to grow.

    To find out more about how working with Inline could develop and support your business, contact our team on +44 (0) 20 7231 8000 or [email protected]



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